67th Annual SVC Technical Conference • May 6 - 9, 2024

Education Program • May 4 - 9 | Technology Exhibit • May 7 - 8

Protective, Tribological, and Decorative Coatings

The Protective, Tribological and Decorative Coatings Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) encourages speakers to submit presentations dealing with design, research, development, applications, and production in the field of vacuum coatings and surface engineering processes, materials characterization and equipment for applications to protect components, tools, as well as decorative parts.

The use of such coatings is typically driven by performance requirements, reduction of life-cycle cost, environmental consideration, and durable cosmetic and aesthetic designs. These end-user motivations lead to dedicated coating and technology developments, vacuum coating equipment concepts, new testing procedures and methods, and production quality standards. Therefore, successful coating solutions in the marketplace require strong cooperation between market specialists, universities, suppliers, manufactures, and end-users.

The TAC invites speakers to present on the subjects of new emerging technologies. Developing and scaling up from laboratory to high volume production at high production yields is also of high interest of the participants in this session.

Today’s global landscape is changing rapidly and will drive developments that include new coatings on new applications. Environmental pressure on CO2 emissions and electroplating as well as fast moving communication technologies are well known examples of such change. Electrification of transportation and moving away from the combustion engine are daily news.

Topics of interest for this session include, but are not limited to:

  • Applications:
    • Hydrogen economy related components
    • Coatings for high-performance engines, including hydrogen and e-fuels combustion
    • PVD and CVD coatings for cutting, forming and molding tools
    • Coatings for the reduction of friction and exhaust gas emissions
    • Low- and high-temperature coatings for aerospace applications
    • Decorative components and large area pre-fab sheets
    • Corrosion protective coatings (e.g. Zn:Al) on large-area surfaces
    • Electroplating replacements by vacuum deposited coatings
  • Development:
    • Super-lubricity coatings
    • Corrosion protection
    • New colors
    • Hydrogen embrittlement barriers
    • Testing and evaluation of coating performance
    • Scale-up of vacuum coating processes for industrial demands
    • Failure analysis of coatings
    • Assessment, control and management of residual mechanical stress
    • Duplex coatings and thin-on-thick systems
    • Modelling approaches to performance analysis and prediction
  • Production Related:
    • Reliability and life of coated parts and systems
    • Upscaling from laboratory to production
    • Scrap rates from percentages to ppm levels
    • Integration of Industry 4.0 in vacuum coating plants

Protective, Tribological and Decorative Coatings TAC Chair: Ton Hurkmans, IHI Ionbond Group, ton.hurkmans@ionbond.com; Assistant TAC Chair: Jolanta Klemberg-Sapieha, Polytechnique Montréal, Canada, jsapieha@polymtl.ca