Process Monitoring, Control, and Automation

The fourth industrial revolution is steering manufacturing towards full automation. Producers seek robust thin-film deposition process monitoring and control solutions. They hold the key to the success of any attempt to achieve the necessary level of critical industrial process automation. The bonuses of any such successful automation include higher production rates, lower waste of materials & energy, lower operating costs, and increased overall efficiency.

Reliable monitoring and control solutions are far from readily available, and intense development efforts are underway in industry and academia across the globe. It is intensely hot around the topics related to the development and industrial application of (1) embedded sensors & actuators, (2) cyber-physical monitoring and control systems and (3) holistic process control methods and systems.

This session/TAC brings together experts, technologists, and solution providers from the thin film/surface engineering community to discuss challenges, developments, and solutions that pave the way toward enabling the autonomous operation of coating plants. Contributions that highlight particular challenges or constraints and talks that detail cutting edge control methods and their physical and digital embodiments are particularly well suited to this session.

Process Monitoring, Control, and Automation Session Organizer: Martynas Audronis, Nova Fabrica Ltd.,