Large Area Coatings

Large Area Coatings, generally considered to be on substrates or aggregates of substrates larger than one square meter, are found all around us in applications for communication, recreation, architecture, eyewear, lighting, entertainment, electronics, airplanes, aerospace, automotive and so on.

Large Area manufacturing typically provides the benefits of low cost, high volume, excellent quality and low capital cost per unit yielded capacity. The Large Area Technical Advisory Committee invites presentations in the following and related areas:

  • Sustainability, including:

– Battery technology (e.g. post-lithium)
– Energy storage (hydrogen – from the cradle to the grave: generation, storage, fuel cells)
– Life cycle management
– Replacing/substituting limited raw materials as well as materials whose refinement poses environmental challenges
– Solutions for recycling costly materials
– CO2 footprint reduction in mobility and transportation

  • Communications and Displays

– Touch screen, cell phone and other active display applications
– Semiconductor deposition and fabrication

  • Architectural and Automotive thin film materials, processes, equipment and applications including:

– Low-emissivity, absorbing and reflective architectural coatings
– Electrochromic and other smart window coatings
– Transparent conductor, anti-reflection and mirror coatings
– Temperable and bendable coatings
– Windshield coatings (heat reflecting, hydrophobic/hydrophilic)
– Antennas, including fractal circuits
– Surface modification coatings: friction-reducing, wear-resistance, chemical-resistance, thermal control, anti-reflection, mirror and barrier coatings
– Decorative coatings for automotive reflectors, trim etc.

  • Green/alternative energy applications including:

– Thin film photovoltaic and semiconductor materials

Large Area Coatings TAC Chair: Ken Nauman, SCI/Bühler,; Assistant TAC Chairs: Marcus Frank, Bühler Group, marcus.frank@buhlergroup.comBrent BoyceGuardian Industries Corp.,; Aneliia Wäckerlin, Glas Trösch AG;