68th Annual SVC Technical Conference • May 19 - 22, 2025

Education Program • May 17 - 22 | Technology Exhibit • May 20 - 21

Emerging and Translational Technologies and Applications

This session welcomes presentations related to Deposition and Surface Engineering Technologies and Applications that do not readily align with the classic Session topics of the SVC TechCon program. Modern market needs and application requirements continuously trigger innovation in the production and development of Thin Films and coatings. There are two trajectories that historically advance the field: (a) Adjacent markets and applications expand by taking advantage of innovation in traditional technologies, and on the other side (b) established markets and applications benefit from technical innovation in fields that previously were restricted to exterior “heritage” domains. 

This session seeks to highlight new applications and markets that are enabled by advances in Thin Film and coating Deposition, Interface engineering, and Surface processing. Contributed presentations may emphasize applications and markets, describe the role of enabling or cross-over technologies, as well as business topics such as market opportunity overviews, or new business and engineering concepts. Market- and business-focused talks should generally relate to technology innovation within the SVC domain, and technology-focused talks should relate to a new market or application arena that SVC stakeholders should pay attention to.

Emerging and Translational Technologies and Applications TAC Chair: Chris Stoessel, stoessel@attglobal.net; Assistant TAC Chairs: Manuela Junghähnel, Fraunhofer IZM, Germany, manuela.junghaehnel@assid.izm.fraunhofer.de; Jacob Bertrand, Maxima Sciences LLC, jacob@max-sci.com; Clark Bright Thin Film Solutions (3M retired), brightcrewllc@gmail.com; Frank Papa, GP Plasma, frank@gpplasma.com; Maryam Olsson, MAX IV Laboratory, Sweden, maryamolsson.lu@gmail.com; Stephan Barth, Fraunhofer FEP, Germany, stephan.barth@fep.fraunhofer.de; Jörg Neidhardt, Fraunhofer FEP, Germany, joerg.neidhardt@fep.fraunhofer.de