HEURÉKA! Recent Developments

The HEURÉKA! session is an excellent opportunity for introducing and presenting the latest knowledge and experience, inspiring ideas, development and stimulating achievements in coating technologies. It is an important forum for post-deadline presentations of the “hot-off-the-press” achievements delayed due to patenting procedures, specific business strategy, etc.

Topics in the HEURÉKA! program are usually diverse, which always stimulates inspirations and interesting discussions. There are no invited papers, because all presentations are welcomed on equal basis. However, the total number of presentations is limited.

Abstracts to the session can be submitted through January 31, 2022, after the general abstract submission deadline. We are looking forward to receiving your contributions.

HEURÉKA! Session Organizers: Ladislav Bárdos, Uppsala University, Sweden, ladislav.bardos@angstrom.uu.se; Hana Baránková, Uppsala University, Sweden, hana.barankova@angstrom.uu.se