68th Annual SVC Technical Conference • May 19 - 22, 2025

Education Program • May 17 - 22 | Technology Exhibit • May 20 - 21

Why Attend the SVC TechCon?

For over 60 years, the Society of Vacuum Coaters has delivered stimulating content, mixing basic and applied research along with ideas and tools focusing on transitioning research and development results into production. Each year adds new insights into the latest trends and state-of- the-art developments in the dynamic field of vacuum coating technologies. By attending, participants experience the complete benefits of belonging to a global community of vacuum coating professionals.

why attend

Who Should Attend?

Industry Professionals involved in vacuum equipment manufacturing and distribution, parts and supplies, and coating materials and products

Engineers and Scientists engaged in the design, development, production (function, stability, yield and throughput) and use of vacuum coatings in various applications

Technicians responsible for the operation and maintenance of vacuum equipment, supplies and materials

Technical Consultants providing vacuum coating and processing solutions to clients

Academics wanting to share cutting-edge surface engineering research and build collaborations with Industry

Students wanting to expand their knowledge and develop their capabilities as presenters and authors, while networking to advance their careers and build industrial connections

Justify and Quantify

It’s not easy to justify the cost of attending a conference to your employer – or even to take time off to travel.

One of the best ways to get approval to attend a conference is to connect your organization’s goals to your expected conference experience. This will allow you to demonstrate your organization’s return on investment and justify the expenditure.

Get some helpful tips on receiving approval from your organization to attend the 2024 SVC TechCon.