WebTech Roll-to-Roll Coatings

WebTech is the forum for flexible web and roll-to-roll (R2R) processing at the SVC. It is the podium to present new achievements in processing of flexible substrates such as polymer or textile webs and thin glass, and encompasses manufacturing techniques, products, market developments and economical aspects of this versatile high-volume manufacturing method.

Presentations on materials, deposition processes, manufacturing techniques, market analysis and economical perspectives in the following application areas related to R2R processing are welcome:

  • Bio- and health-related topics such as medical sensing and imaging, antimicrobial films and surface treatments, sterile packaging materials, wound care, and many others
  • Films and coatings for energy-efficient glazing in buildings, vehicles and spacecraft thermal control
  • R2R manufacturing integration combining vacuum and atmospheric processes
    • Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition
    • organic/inorganic hybrid materials deposition
    • printing and patterning
  • High performance polymer- and glass-based substrates, diffusion barriers and sealing techniques for roll-to-roll processing
  • R2R processing of novel materials for sustainable plastic products, including biopolymers, bio-degradable plastics, and paper substrates
  • Flexible electronics applications for displays, radiation management, driving electronics, security and anti-counterfeiting devices
  • Large-area films that enable flexible lighting, LEDs and OLEDs.
  • Thin film/flexible batteries, solar cells, and energy storage
  • Films for energy smart building envelops including building-integrated photovoltaics, electro- or thermachromic films, and smart windows as well as energy storage solutions in factories
  • High-volume productivity improvements for metallization, decorative applications, window films, smart and sustainable food and non-food packaging

WebTech Roll-to-Roll Coatings TAC Chair: John Fahlteich, Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP, Germany, john.fahlteich@fep.fraunhofer.de; Assistant TAC Chairs: Alberto Argoitia, Viavi Solutions, alberto.argoitia@viavisolutions.com, Scott Jones, 3M, sjjones@mmm.com; Chris Stoessel, Eastman Chemical Company, stoessel@attglobal.net; Hazel Assender, Department of Materials, University of Oxford (Begbroke), United Kingdom, hazel.assender@materials.ox.ac.uk