WebTech Roll-to-Roll Coatings for High-End Applications

WebTech is the forum for flexible web and roll-to-roll (R2R) processing at the SVC. It is the podium to present new achievements in processing of flexible substrates such as polymer or textile webs and thin glass, and encompasses manufacturing techniques, products, market developments and economical aspects of this versatile high-volume manufacturing method.

Presentations on materials, deposition processes, manufacturing techniques, use cases / application examples, market analysis and economical perspectives in all areas related to R2R processing are welcome, and some particular highlight areas are:

Presentations on materials, deposition processes, manufacturing techniques, market analysis and economical perspectives in the following application areas related to R2R processing are welcome:

  • Web handling in vacuum during thermal and plasma processing
  • Substrate materials & technologies
  • New deposition source & layer technologies
  • Inline process diagnostics & control
  • New applications (energy generation, energy storage, sustainable packaging, smart systems etc.)
  • Thin film nucleation & growth on flexible substrate materials with a R2R environment

WebTech Roll-to-Roll Coatings TAC Chair: Chris Stoessel, Eastman Chemical Company, stoessel@attglobal.net; Assistant TAC Chairs: Scott Jones, 3M, sjjones@mmm.com; Neil Morrison, Applied Materials, neil_morrison@amat.com; Liz Josephson, Intellivation, ljosephson@intelli-vation.com; Andy Jack, Emerson & Renwick, a.jack@eandr.com; Hazel Assender, Department of Materials, University of Oxford (Begbroke), United Kingdom, hazel.assender@materials.ox.ac.uk