68th Annual SVC Technical Conference • May 19 - 22, 2025

Education Program • May 17 - 22 | Technology Exhibit • May 20 - 21

High-Powered Electron Beam Technology

The High-Powered Electron Beam Technology Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is a spin-off from the International Conference on High-Powered Electron Beam Technology, originally founded by Dr. Robert Bakish in 1983. Today, high-powered electron beam technology is well established for coating, melting and welding. The focus of the TAC is the development of new coatings and coating processes utilizing high-powered electron beam technology as well as new ebeam guns, power supplies and beam guidance systems for improved materials properties. Of particular interest are improvements to equipment that enable new applications such as additive manufacturing of turbine engine components and medical implants.

The TAC supports the technical and technological exchange of knowledge to promote high-powered electron beam technology for industrial applications and is looking for papers on the topics listed below:

  • Advances in high-rate PVD by electron beam evaporation for thermal barrier coatings.
  • Electron beam processes for the production of novel materials
  • Additive manufacturing with electron beam
  • New applications for PVD by electron beam evaporation for photovoltaics, concentrated solar, energy production (fuel cells), energy storage (batteries) and high efficiency lighting,
  • Modelling of electron beam sources, processes, and systems
  • New components in electron beam technology (guns, power supplies, vacuum systems, plasma assist)
  • Emerging technologies (electron generation, beam guidance, etc.)
  • Related and new applications for high-power electron beams

High-Powered Electron Beam Technology TAC Chair: Stefan Saager, Fraunhofer FEP, stefan.saager@fep.fraunhofer.deAssistant TAC Chairs: Gösta Mattausch, Fraunhofer FEP, Germany, goesta.mattausch@fep.fraunhofer.de; Jack Mershon, PGT, jack.mershon@linde.com; Asim Mirza, boltplatz-numerical plasma dynamics GmbH, mirza@boltplatz.euMatthias Neumann, VON ARDENNE GmbH, Germany, neumann.matthias@vonardenne.biz; Sergio Pace, CRM Group, sergio.pace@crmgroup.beMark Pellman, Vital Chemicals & FHR North America, markapellman@outlook.com; Jason Van Sluytman, Honeywell, jason.vansluytman@honewell.com